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This page will contain the Library information, you know, what books, magazines, catalogs and so forth you will need. More magazines and catalogs may also be found in the Links page in the Business section. I will update the file as I find new stuff. If you have anything that is not on this list, please drop me an e-mail.

If it is a book, include title, author, ISBN number, price, and where you got it.

If it is a magazine, include subscription information such as how much, where to write or call and so forth.

If it is a catalog, include cost if any, and how to get it.

With all these things, let me know what you thought of the content and if it was helpful. There is lots of stuff out there and not all of it is good.

Water Gardening, ***Rating

P.O. Box 607
St. John, IN 46373
Phone: 219-374-9419
$20 per year/6 issues

Pondsacpes, The Magazine of the National Pond Society,* Rating
$24 per year, $42 for 2 years for hobbyists.
This magazine is really a large club newsletter. There are much better magazines out there.

Pondkeeper, **1/2 Rating
1000 Whitetail Court
Duncansville, PA 16635
Fax: 814-695-1722
Phone: 814-695-4325
$19.95 per year
This magazine is largely intended for retailers and wholesalers but may provide the hobbyist with some good information.

Water Gardening, Water Lilies and Lotuses, ***** Rating
by Perry D. Slocum and Peter Robinson, with Frances Perry
1996, Timber Press
ISBN 0-88192-335-4
Great book with lots of photos, examples and ideas. Not a beginner book, but a MUST for any ponder.

The Complete Pond Builder,**** Rating
Tetra Press
Another great starter book and a must first book for any ponder. This is one of the few books that takes the time to explain different styles of edging! Some of the other usefull pond additions are also covered like skimmers and overflows.

The Pond Doctor, **** Rating
Helen Nash
ISBN 0-8069-0687-1
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York
A must for any serious ponder. Recommended by Pam Ingle

The Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi, *** Rating
Helen Nash
1989, Tetra Press
A must first book if you plan on or even thinking of having koi. Color illustrations and description of the major varieties. Introductory fish disease section. Some construction and design sections.

The Water Garden, ***1/2 Rating
Anthony Paul, Yvonne Rees
1986, Penguin
A must have! Lots of pictures and lots of good design ideas for different styles and sizes. Includes plants, fish, and techniques. Unfortunately, the techniques are in the European style...

Low Maintenance Water Gardening,**** Rating
Helen Nash
Tetra Press
Ms. Nash has done it again. Lots of good information here with an emphasis on plants and tips to make a hobby that is already easy to take care of, easier!!!

Garden Pools & Fountains,** Rating
ISBN 0-89721-149-9
Purchased at Home Depot
OK starter book.

Garden Construction, *** Rating
ISBN 0-89721-046-8
Purchased at Home Depot
OK starter book.

Garden Pools, Fountains & Waterfalls, *** Rating
ISBN 0-376-01225-0
Purchased at Home Depot
Another starter book. The new sunset book is much better than the original.

Water Gardening Pools, Fountains, and Plants, *** Rating
Jack Kramer
1971, Scribners
Out of print, but gives some very good design ideas. Also some good construction tips if using concrete. May be available at your local library or from a fellow ponder.

Gardening With Stone and Sand, *** Rating
Jack Kramer
1972, Scribners
Out of print. Focuses on Japanese styles, both formal and informal.

Water in the Garden, *** Rating
James Allison
1991, Bulfinch
I fell in love with the waterfalls in this book. Has the widest variety of construction techniques I have seen. Has the most edging styles in my collection.

Landscape Gardening, **1/2 Rating
James Underwood Crockett
1971, Time/Life Books
Out of print. General gardening but includes water features.

Water Gardens for Plants and Fish, **1/2 Rating
Charles B. Thomas
1988, T.F.H. Publications
General knowledge book covering construction, plants, and fish, heavy on plants. Lots of color illustrations. Was superb when published, but has been bypassed with newer books.

The Stapeley Book of Water Gardens, **1/2 Rating
Stanley Russell
1985, Lund Humphries
Good book with lots of design information and drawings. Also lots of plant information. Lots of different construction techniques. Good general book for your library.


166 Seven Oaks Road
Leland, MS 38756
This company provides primarily to fish farmers. As such, most of the things they have are in large quantities. These folks have great prices on bulk filter material, I got 4 ½ cubic feet of bioballs here for only $130. If you have a large pond, you need this catalog.

Aqua Art
11-G Poco Way, Suite 154
American Canyon, CA 94589
Catalog full of great prices. Mostly pond hardware. Good selection of filters and filter materials. No plants, and no color photos, but a catalog you definitely need in your library.

Dolphin Outdoors
1808 W. Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 379-7600
Fiberglass Ponds for gardens and fish. Send SASE for brochure and prices.

Eastern Nishikigoi
P.O. Box 1543
Westminster, CA 92684
800-908-8986 714-890-1989 714-897-9639 - Fax
Contrary to their name, this US supplier is on the left coast. B/W catalog of ponding hardware. Great liner prices!!! No plants but they are koi importers. Another catalog all pond builders need in their libraries.

Hermitage Garden Pools
PO Box 361, Dept. A
Canastoga, NY 13032
(315) 697-9093
Fiberglass garden pools, rock waterfalls, self-contained redwood waterwheels; bubbling fantasias. Send $1.00 for color catalog.

Lilypons Water Gardens
P.O. Box 10
Buckeystown, MD 21717
800-879-5459 - FAX
Kind of expensive, but their catalog is the best in the industry. This is the catalog to have if you want to see what the different new lilies look like. Also since they have locations across the country, they have products available when you need them, no matter where you live in the U.S. They do run some great sales. A must for the ponder. They sponsor great seminars and fish and plant shows thru the season at each of their locations.

Paradise Water Gardens
56 May St. FN06
Whitman, MA 02382
(617) 447-4711
(617) 447-4591 FAX
Great books on water gardening (too numerous to list here); water lilies, fountains, pumps, Koi, goldfish, aquatic plants, tub gardens. Send $3.00 for a 60-page full-color catalog.

Pets Unlimited
1888 Drew
Clearwater, FL 34625
(813) 442-2197
Featuring TetraPond products. Send $3.00 for color brochure, price list, plus "Digest for a Successful Pond".

Slocum Water Gardens
Dept. FI592
1101 Cypress Gardens Rd.
Winter Haven, FL 33880
Water Lily Catalog: water lilies, lotus, fancy Goldfish Complete info on tubs, concrete pools, and ponds Send $3.00.

Tetra Sales USA
Department P-9208
201 Tabor Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
32-mil, flexible PVC liners, 10-year guarantee; accessory products, fish and plant foods, water treatments, etc. Write for free "how-to" brochure.

Tropical Pond and Garden
17888 61st Place North
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
(561) 791-8994
Haven't ordered from these guys but am looking forward to another catalog...

Van Ness Water Gardens
Water lilies, bog plants, info, pumps, filters, maintenance
2460 N. Euclid , Dept. 877
Upland, CA 91786-1199
(714) 982-2425
For 56-page color catalog, send $4.00

Water Garden Gems
Route 2, Box 65
Marion, TX 78124-9511
Another large catalog with lots of products. The drawings and photos are black and white photocopies. They offer annual Water Gardening Expos, Exhibitions, and Koi Sales. Good variety and prices with some things that I have not seen in other catalogs.

The Water Works
111 E. Fairmont St.
Coopersburg, PA 18036
Large catalog with lots of products but no photographs or drawings.
But if you know what you want, they have a wonderful selection with good prices. Worth keeping in your library.

Waterford Gardens
74 East Allendale Road, Dept F
Saddle River, NJ 07458
(201) 327-0721
Water Lilies, bog plants, lotus, pools and accessories, ornamental fish $5.00 for 1992 catalog.

Waterland USA
27071 Cabot Rd., Suite 116
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(800) 321-6178
Fountains for your home, patio, or garden. Call for free brochure.

William Tricker, Inc.
7125 Tanglewood Drive
Independence, OH 44131
(216) 524-3491
Rare and unusual varieties of water lilies, aquatic plants, fish, etc. Send $3.00 for full-color catalog.

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