Seen the great pond pages on the Net? Would you like a place to view a water lily in bloom, or to look at a lush tropical bog plant, or to watch koi and goldfish dart and flash under a calm water surface, or even to listen to the soothing sound of a waterfall. Thinking of building a pond but don't know where to start? Now you do! My name is Chuck and I will take you through some of the things you will need to do to start your own pond. I've broken the process into several areas. They all overlap for obvious reasons, but they make the info easier to digest. My hope with this page is to point you in the right directions. I have a couple of sections that provide Tips... and Other Stuff... that will help you with your ponds. Three of the areas, Thinking..., Research..., and Planning... may sound like goofy things for a pond page, but they are probably the most important sections here. Please take a look at them. They don't violate the "guy" provision of not reading the instructions, so you are safe. They WILL help you to a more complete approach so that you won't have to explain to "She Who Must Be Obeyed" why you want to rebuild your pond a couple of years later. And another note on my organization... There's a lot of information here and most of your questions will be answered in one section or another. But as my organization is intended to guide the newcomer, the structure kinda needs you to start at the first section and go straight through, like a book. Future versions of this page may make things easier for jumping around, but remember that jumping around means that you might (probably will) miss something important.

If you have pond questions or comments about this page or if you have a page of your own that I can include on the Links... page, please shoot me an e-mail at If you have hints/tips that I can put on my Tips... and Other Stuff... pages, let me know. The best part of this hobby is that we all learn from each other. The other great thing is that ponding is so different between the left and right coasts of the US, Europe, Japan, and those BIG and smaller islands south of them where the Texas-sized mice have pouches on front...

I still have one of the most complete ponding related links pages on the net so check that out! And if you find a link that I don't have or one that is no longer viable, shoot me a note.

I'd like to interpose a last note before you get to the links. There is a lot of information here. I've organized it the way I have for a purpose. If you follow my lead through all this stuff, it'll help in the long run. See, I don't mind answering questions. In fact, I get up to 50 e-mail messages a day in peak season answering ponding questions. I like to help. But the frustrating part is that most of the questions are already answered on my web page somewhere, but people tend to jump rright to the "Building" section and if the answer isn't there, they shoot me a note. Most of the stuff is here and even if you already have a pond, the answer to your question may be in Planning, Tips, Stuff, anywhere. (There really is a logic to this, honest!) Now, let'see.... I still have that little patch of grass back there....

Step 1 - Thinking... Step 2 - Research... Step 3 - Planning...

Step 4 - Building... Plants and Fish... Tips...

Low Maintenance... Library... Other Stuff...


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